Scoring Method for Supplements

Our Scoring Method for Supplements evaluates all products by assigning a numerical value to each criterion based on its importance. The total score for an item is calculated by multiplying the score for each criterion by its weight and then summing it up.

In this model, the criteria and their respective weights are as follows:

  • Effectiveness (25%): assesses how well the item performs its intended functions. It’s the most heavily weighted, reflecting its importance in the evaluation.
  • Quality (20%): measures the quality of the ingredients included in the item.
  • Ease of use (15%): measures how user-friendly the item is.
  • Taste (15%): measures how tasty the item is.
  • Innovation (10%): evaluates how innovative the item is.
  • Reputation (10%): assesses how trustworthy the item is.
  • Customer service (5%): assesses the overall customer experience when using the item.

Each item is scored on a scale from 0% to 10% for each criterion. The score for each criterion is then multiplied by its weight.

For instance, if an item scores 80% on Effectiveness, the weighted score would be 80% times 0.25 = 20%. The final score is the sum of all weighted scores, which gives a quantitative measure of the item’s overall evaluation.

This model helps us in making objective decisions by quantifying subjective criteria and is particularly useful when comparing multiple items or choices.