Best Pull Up Bands: Enhance Your Workout with Versatile Resistance Tools

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Pull up bands are a versatile addition to your workout routine, whether you’re a beginner aiming to perform your first pull-up or an experienced athlete looking to intensify your exercise regimen. 

They are also known as resistance bands and come in various resistance levels to cater to different strength and training needs. 

Typically, these bands are made from sturdy rubber that can handle significant stretch and pull, allowing you to do a variety of exercises beyond just pull-ups. 

They are straightforward to use; you can simply loop them onto a pull-up bar or other stable fixtures to assist with pull-ups by offsetting some of your weight, or add resistance to push-ups, squats, and other exercises for increased difficulty.

The benefits of using pull up bands are manifold. 

They are highly effective for strength training, providing assistance as you build the upper body strength necessary for complete pull-ups. 

The graded resistance levels can bridge the gap between various exercises, making progression achievable and measurable. 

Additionally, these bands can enhance flexibility and are portable to enable you to maintain your workout regimen whether you’re at home or on the go.

Key Takeaways

  • Pull up bands are a flexible tool for different fitness levels and assist in achieving a variety of exercises.
  • These bands offer a range of resistance levels suitable for progressive strength training and improved flexibility.
  • Selecting the best pull up bands involves evaluating their resistance level, material quality, and versatility.

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Best Pull Up Bands

7 Best Pull Up Bands

Now let’s have a look at the best products on the market.


Rogue Monster Bands are the best overall pull up bands because they offer high-quality, natural latex rubber, versatile use for any workout, color-coded resistance levels, and compact and easy storage. 

Whether you want to use them for assisted pull-ups, resistance training, speed training, conditioning, rehabilitation, or stretching, these bands can handle it all. 

They are also durable and less prone to splitting or breaking than cheaper latex bands. 

The only drawbacks are that they are pricey due to the natural latex material, and they are not suitable for anyone allergic to latex.

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Rogue Loop Bands are the best loop bands because they are made from the same high-quality latex rubber as the Monster Bands, but they are shorter and thinner, making them ideal for mobility exercises, warm-ups, and accessory movements. 

They are also color-coded for easy identification and come in four different resistance levels, from 15 to 65 lbs. 

The Rogue Loop Bands are great for improving joint health, range of motion, and muscle activation. 

The only downside is that they may not provide enough resistance for some users who want more challenge or assistance.

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Best Bands with Handles: ROGUE TUBE BANDS

Rogue Tube Bands are the best bands with handles because they come in a variety pack of various tensions, from 10 to 100 lbs, and have well-constructed tubes and very grippy handles. 

They also include a door anchor, two carabiners, and an instruction book, providing users with more options and versatility for their workouts. 

The Rogue Tube Bands are perfect for adding resistance to upper and lower body exercises, such as rows, presses, curls, squats, and lunges. 

The only complaints are that the resistance tension is not printed on the tube bands, and that they sometimes squeak while in use.

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Rogue Shorty Echo Resistance Bands are the best shorties because they are 12” versions of the standard 41” Echo Bands, and can allow quicker, easier set-up without having to double or triple-wrap the band over pins or band pegs to get tension. 

They are also made from the same latex rubber material as the other Rogue bands, and feature exclusive Rogue branding and color-coding. 

The Rogue Shorty Echo Bands are ideal for banded deadlifts, bench press, stretching, agility drills, accessory work, rehab, and prehab. 

They are available in five different resistance levels, from 8 to 125 lbs. 

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Best Versatile: Tikaton Resistance Bands

Tikaton Resistance Bands for Working Out, Pull Up Assistance Bands, 15lbs-125lbs Exercise Band Set for Home Gym, Workout Bands for Resistance Training, Body Stretching, Home Workouts

Tikaton Resistance Bands for Working Out, Pull Up Assistance Bands are the best versatile bands because they can be used for both pull-ups and other exercises, such as pilates, mobility, powerlifting, chin-ups, yoga, stretching, gymnastics, physical therapy, push-ups, barbell and dumbbell assist, and more. 

They are also constructed from multiple layers of high-quality latex, making them durable, thick, sturdy, and odorless. 

They come with five color-coded levels of resistance, from 8 to 125 lbs, as well as a door anchor, handles, instruction book, and big carabiner. 

They also include a free storage bag, making them portable and easy to use anywhere.

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Best Bundle: Eackrola Resistance Bands 

Pull Up Assistance Bands - Eackrola Resistance Bands Set of 6 Monster Heavy Duty Workout Exercise Stretch Fitness Bands for Body, Instruction Guide and Carry Bag Included

Pull Up Assistance Bands – Eackrola Resistance Bands Set of 6 Monster Heavy Duty Workout Exercise Stretch Fitness Bands for Body are the best bundle because they offer six different resistance levels, from 5 to 165 lbs, covering the needs of most people of varying conditioning levels and weights. 

They are also made of natural latex material, with strong wear resistance and high tension. 

They are suitable for pull-ups, pilates, mobility, powerlifting, chin-ups, yoga, stretching, gymnastics, physical therapy, push-ups, barbell and dumbbell assist, and more. 

They also come with a user manual and a carry bag.

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Best for Commercial Use: Iron Core Athletics Pull Up Bands

Iron Core Athletics Pull Up Assistance Bands - Commercial Gym Quality 41" Loop Exercise Pull-Up Bands - 4 Different Resistance Levels to Choose from

Iron Core Athletics Pull Up Assistance Bands – Commercial Gym Quality 41″ Loop Exercise Pull-Up Bands are the best for commercial use because they are designed for everyday use in gyms and personal training studios. 

They are made of iron material, which is more durable and resistant than latex, and can provide resistance up to 175 lbs with 3.25 inches in thickness. 

They are also great for assisted pull-ups, weight lifting, pilates, yoga, stretching, as well as any other body weight assisted exercises. 

They come in four different resistance levels, from 10 to 35 lbs.

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Benefits of Using Pull Up Bands

Pull up bands, also known as resistance bands, are a versatile piece of equipment enhancing your fitness routine, regardless of whether you’re just starting or are a seasoned athlete. 

Here’s how incorporating pull up bands can be beneficial:

  • Progressive Resistance: As you improve, you can easily adjust the resistance levels. Start with bands that offer more assistance and gradually work your way down to lighter bands as your strength increases.
  • Adaptability for All Levels: No matter your current fitness level—beginner or expert—pull up bands cater to everyone. They allow modifications to traditional pull-ups, making the exercise more accessible.
  • Upper Body Strength: Pull up bands are particularly effective for developing strength in the upper body. They help engage and strengthen muscles like the latissimus dorsi, biceps, and triceps.
  • Safe for Both Men and Women: The low-impact nature of resistance bands makes them a safe option for both men and women looking to practice strength training without putting excessive stress on the joints.
  • Convenience: Whether you’re traveling or working out from home, pull up bands are lightweight and portable. This quality ensures that you can maintain your fitness regime wherever you are.
  • Exercise Versatility: Beyond pull-ups, these bands can be used for a variety of exercises to target different muscle groups, adding an extra challenge to your workouts.

Pull up bands are an inclusive tool that can elevate your workout, providing benefits in strength, convenience, and overall fitness.

How We Chose the Best Pull Up Bands

When selecting the top pull up bands, several key factors were taken into account to ensure you receive the quality and performance you deserve.

Durability is paramount, with brands like Rogue and their Monster Bands known for lasting through rigorous workouts. We looked for bands that could withstand frequent use without snapping or losing elasticity.

For resistance range, versatility is crucial. Brands like TRX Strength Bands and Rep Fitness Pull-Up Bands offer a variety of resistance levels to cater to beginners and advanced athletes alike. This ensures scalability in your training progress.

The material composition also plays a vital role. While some bands may contain latex, options made from natural latex were preferred when available, bearing in mind potential allergies and environmental concerns.

Customer feedback guided our choices, focusing on real-world experiences and satisfaction. Reviews mentioning factors such as comfort, ease of use, and perceived effectiveness contributed to our overall assessments.

By incorporating these criteria, we’ve curated a selection that balances quality, practicality, and user trust, presenting you with the best pull up bands to enhance your workout regime.

How to Buy the Best Pull Up Bands

When choosing the best pull-up assist bands for your workout routine, it’s important to consider several key factors to match your specific needs. 

Here’s a guide to assist you in making an informed purchase:

Budget-Friendly Options: Price is a crucial consideration. High-quality pull-up assist bands offer durability and safety without breaking the bank. Your goal should be to find a balance between cost and quality.

Portability and Compact Design: Your workout doesn’t have to be confined to one place. Look for lightweight, portable bands that can easily fit into your gym bag or storage space at home. This ensures that you can maintain your workout routine even when you’re on the go.

Material and Elasticity: The material of the band affects both its elasticity and longevity. Typically, the best pull-up bands are made from rubber or latex, providing a good stretch and resistance. If you have a latex allergy, look for hypoallergenic options that are safe for you to use.

Resistance Levels: Bands come in a variety of resistance levels, often color-coded for easy identification. Choose a set of bands with a range from lightweight (for beginners) to heavy (for more advanced workouts). This enables progressive resistance training and versatility in exercises.

Durability: Ensure the bands are designed to withstand regular use without snapping. The durability is often reflected in the quality of materials and manufacturing.

Correct Usage: It’s crucial to pick a band that is suited for pull-ups. Exercise bands are often multi-purposed, but pull-up assist bands are specifically designed to support your body weight and improve your form during the exercise.

Here’s a quick reference list for you:

  • Compact and Portable: Yes
  • Materials: Rubber or latex (hypoallergenic options available)
  • Resistance: Color-coded, ranging from light to heavy
  • Safety: Check for quality and durability to prevent snapping

Select carefully to ensure your pull-up bands are a worthwhile investment towards your fitness journey.

Pull Up Bands FAQs

How do you properly use pull up assist bands?

To use a pull up assist band, loop it around a pull-up bar and place your foot or knee in the band. This will offset some of your body weight, allowing you to perform pull-ups with better form and control.

What are the benefits of using pull up assist bands?

Pull up assist bands help increase your pull-up strength by allowing you to complete more repetitions. They are useful for progressing towards unassisted pull-ups and can also be employed in other exercises to improve flexibility and strength.

How does one determine the appropriate size resistance band for pull-ups?

The right size band depends on your weight and current pull-up ability. Choose a band that removes enough weight to allow you to perform pull-ups while still challenging your muscles. Bands are typically color-coded by resistance level.

Where can one purchase pull up bands from retailers like Rogue, Walmart, or Target?

Pull up bands are available at physical and online stores of major retailers such as Rogue, Walmart, and Target. They can often be found in the fitness equipment section or by searching their websites.

How much assistance in weight can resistance bands provide for pull-ups?

Resistance bands can provide assistance from as little as 5 pounds to over 100 pounds depending on the thickness and material of the band. The level of assistance will decrease as your pull-up strength improves.

How can you integrate pull up bands into a workout routine for maximum effectiveness?

Incorporate band-assisted pull-ups at the beginning of your upper body workouts, focusing on high-quality form. They can also be used for additional volume work at the end of a workout or on recovery days to build muscle memory without overstraining.

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